Status of Barbara Dunn      Benefit Ride Flyer                   

 A bank account has been set up to help deal with the mounting medical debt.  If you would like to contribute, you may contribute directly to Wells Fargo Bank account 8989263341 or mail checks or money orders to: 

The Barb Dunn Fund, c/o Mark Morrison, Brink & Sadler, 5127 - 112th Street SW, Lakewood, WA  98499

Cards and Letters can be sent to:   Barbara Dunn, Sunridge Rehabilitation Center, 1111 W. Pine Ave, Rm 401, Meridian, ID  83642

                                            -or- Barbara Dunn, PO Box 942, Eagle, ID  83616


August 3:  (Barb)  Barb is on the move again.  The sheriff must be getting close.  She's picking up stakes and moving on.   The Rehab/Nursing facility is saying that she is ready to move on to regular therapy.   She will be moving on Monday, August 9 (supposedly this date) to a more aggressive type rehabilitation facility.  They will promote a more aggressive style, more walking, getting a few more muscles working together, eating real food (which means the feeding tube will come out).  I do not have any contact info for the new place, but I do know that it will be in the Boise area.  SSI has finally kicked in they are the ones that are picking up the tab for her new place.  It has been 8 weeks last Sunday; that is a really long time.  Thanks for all your prayers thoughts and supports .

July 30:  (Ed) Ed is being released today.  He is a little on the sore side and is restrictive in his activities.  He is home and recuperating.

July 29:  (Ed) Ed had an angioplasty and a pacemaker put in today.

July 27:  (Ed) A new development, Barb's significant other, Ed Douglas, had a heart attack at 4:45pm today (Tuesday).  He is in Harrison Hospital in Bremerton.  He has been moved to Virginia Mason Hospital, Room 776,  to have a defibulator installed.

            (Barb)  Hello again,   Mom is doing sooooo... well!  Yesterday she walked in between the parallel bars on her own, about 24 feet, and today she walked about 30.  She is still talking up a storm although most of yesterday and today she has slept most of the afternoon.  I'm sure it takes a lot out of her to be walking!  How exciting though, she is making great progress.  Please continue your prayers and encouraging words!  Lisa

July 23:  Mom is doing well. I think the biggest step she took was taking ice chips well (this is the beginning of getting her ready to eat again). She had been refusing to eat them until Wednesday.  She is up to 15 minutes of standing now and the last two days she has been talking up a storm.  A lot of her words are audible but her sentences don't make much sense yet for example she was talking about having to file something.  Must be thinking about work!  She has been pretty restless although it doesn't seem to be so much pain as just wanting to get up and move around.  Her brother Ned stopped in yesterday evening and she had hugs and kisses for him.  He wasn't able to stay long, but I think he was encouraged by the progress he saw.  JoAnn is coming in tomorrow morning through Tuesday.  Mom is doing well she needs prayers and continued encouragement! Thanks to everyone who has sent cards I know she likes hearing your words and the cards brighten up her room.  Lisa

July 19:  I went to visit Barb in Boise this weekend and despite it being 105 degrees outside it  was a very nice visit.

Barb definitely recognizes everyone that comes into her room.  She is only able to get out a few words that you can really understand, but she is definitely giving it a good try.  She listens and understands what is going on around her although she is unable to comment except for a smile and a nod.  With special people like Ed and her grand children she will touch their face and give them big kisses.  She still isn’t able to swallow anything by mouth yet and is still being fed through a tube, she is anxious to get away from that.  She has physical and speech therapy nearly every day and they tell us they can already see an improvement in just the brief time she has been there.  She still has some pain which causes her to be very restless, but that too is waning.

Other than the punk rock hairdo she is sporting she looks really good and I was happy to be able to spend some time with her.  All the cards, letter and pictures that everyone is sending to her are hung up in her room for her to see, so keep them coming, she loves all of them.

 Becky Wilcox


July 15:  Hello again,  Mom is doing well, she was in an exceptionally good mood today smiling, laughing and responding to our conversation.  Her therapies are going well too.  The last two days they have had her standing, supported of course, but standing non the less for 7-10 minutes.  I am hopeful that she is going through another break through and will be able to do more and more very soon.  Christina said that when she left this evening mom said " see you in the morning"  this would be the first sentence she has communicated. That's all for now, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email.     Lisa

From the German Dr. that happened to be in the right place at the right time  

Dear JoAnn, Rebecca and John, Dear Barbara's Children

Thank you so much for letting us know how Barbara is doing. We were very worried about her and wondered a lot during our vacation and afterwards how she is. It's so good to hear that she survived! Even though it will take her quite some time to fully recover. And we are so glad that we were able to do a little to help her surviving. Thank God!

Please give all our best wishes to her! We hope she has the strength that she needs right now to face her situation and to make her way back to normal life! And to you as her family we wish just the same strength to give her all the support she needs.

We did send a card to her, I hope it will arrive as I wasn't sure about Barbara's last name. But the adress is right, so it should arrive. Thank you again for you warm thanks!!!

Wishing you all the best,

Britta and Tilmann Gruhlke

July 10:  Hello,   Mom is doing well.  She is awake a little more often during the mornings, but wiped out by the afternoon.  She has been having her therapies for at least an hour each day; the therapists see improvement since last Sunday.  Yesterday mom picked up and put down a cup when asked, yea!  Becca spent he day with her today.  Mendie gets in tomorrow.

I'll write again soon.   Lisa

I sent out a false update yesterday   Barbs feeding tube has NOT been removed.  I misunderstood one of the reports; sorry about that.   Mike       More later as I hear.


July 8, 12:30 pm:  Lisa (Barbs daughter) called last nite to Ed's cell phone.  Ed and Barb talked a little, then Becky was able to talk to her.  Barb still has a great deal of difficulty communicating,  but some of the things she says are crystal clear.  Lisa held the phone to Barb's ear so she could hear everything that was said.  Therapy is going along well but it drains Barb's strength very rapidly.  She seems to be resting more comfortably at this new facility compared to the Hospital in Bend.  Every day is a step forward, sometimes the steps are very small but still forward.  The feeding tube has been removed as well as the catheter.  She is swallowing on her own a little bit easier.  Thanks for all your support, thoughts and prayers.  Keep the cards and letters coming.  They are read to her by family and friends.   Mike


July 4, 7:30 pm:  Barb has been moved from Bend, OR. to  Meridean, ID.   The move was very tiring for her according to her sister Jo Anne, Barb still has the feeding tube in her stomach and is still catherized.  Her right side is going to need a lot of therapy.  No broken bones but  the right arm is very sore and has trouble moving, the right leg is more movable but still is very tender and sore. They are also working on the throat muscle to encourage Barb to swallow on her own.  She seems to be resting better in this new facility then when she was in the hospital in Bend.  That is about it for now  her daughter has promised daily updates as I get them so will you.  Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and support.   Mike

I have 2 addresses for Barb   one is the facility where she will be staying the other is a PO box that her daughter Lisa has set up for her, please mail cards and letters to either one. 
Barbara Dunn                                          
Sunridge Rehabilitation center
1111 W. Pine Ave,  Rm 401
Meridean, ID   83642
Barbara Dunn
PO Box 942
Eagle, ID.    83616

June 28, 5:30pm:  It looks like Barb will be going to Boise to live with her Daughter Lisa.  Not really what her friends and family around here wanted to hear, but probably the best for awhile.  I`m not sure when the actual move is going to take place, but it will be very soon.  I have yet to receive Lisa's e-mail or home address, so progress reports won`t be everyday like before.  But you will get them as soon as I hear anything.  I will get an address to send cards and letters to soon I promise.

       I know every ones calendars are full just like ours, BUT.  GWTA Chapter P has a benefit ride planned for Barbara on Saturday August 7.  Flyers will be out soon.  They will be available at as many meetings as I can get to, and they will be available at the GWTA State Rally in Winthrop, from our chapter website, and on the GWTA state web page<.  Please print as many as you want, or if you need some, contact me and I will get some to you.   Thanks for all your support, prayers and thoughts.   Mike

June 25, 1pm:  Two reports in one day.  The Nurses got Barb in a wheel chair today and took her outside.  She was only out for about 30 minutes, but she was out non the less.  She got very tired  just sitting, but being outside had to feel great.  She is trying to talk more but it is still very hard for her.  Still do not know which direction she will be moving--  Boise or Seattle; but Ed figures the move will be soon.  I will let everyone know as I hear.    Thanks   Mike

June 25, 8am:  A Great Big  Step-- Barb looked at her daughter Lisa yesterday and said "HI SWEETHEART" (this is what she is always called Lisa); then she told everyone in the room that her knee hurt.  She was speaking very softly but speaking none the less.  Her throat is probably very sore from all the tubes and things that have been put in her, plus she still has the trach tube in.  It has been a 3 1/2 week nap, but it must be time for her to wake up.   Lisa is coming to Tacoma over the weekend to look at Nursing/ Rehab/ Convalescent/homes for Barb to come to when she gets released.  Boise is still an option, but Lisa is looking in this area as well.  I have passed on all the info everyone has sent to me.  With some more thoughts and prayers, Barb might be coming home soon.  Thanks for all the hopes prayers and thoughts.  Keep the cards and letters coming.        Mike

June 23, 4pm:  Barb has been sitting up more and more each day.  They have taken the feeding tube from her nose and surgically placed it in her stomach.  She has been sucking on ice chips and drinking small amounts of water to relieve the soreness in her throat from the feeding tube.  She tires very easy; just sitting up in bed is a chore for her.  According to Ed, she is more aware of her surroundings and seems to be paying attention to what is going on around her.  Ed figures that the hospital will be releasing her in a week or so.  The way it looks she will probably be going to Boise to live with her oldest daughter Lisa.  That might change, but that is where it lies as of now.  The doctorws all agree that health wise she is stable and that all her test/monitor numbers look great.  Barb is doing much better then she was 3 1/2 weeks ago, but still has a tremendously long road to go.  Please keep her in your thoughts.    Thanks for all the support      Mike


June 20, 10pm:  I wish I could paint a pretty picture of Barb, but I can`t.  Becky and I went to Bend over the weekend.  Seeing Barb in a regular room with only a couple tubes running in her was a wonderful site.  Much better then she looked on June 9 when we were there.  The doctors are very  impressed with the way things are progressing even though they are very slow.  The injuries to the head and brain all heal differently from each other, so there is no guideline for them to go on (????) .  Barb does open her eye and looks around; she can look at you but there is no recognition all the time.  She looks around the room trying to figure out where she is and maybe why.  Becky was holding Barbs hand as she was talking to her and Barb would squeeze it very hard at times.  She smiles when there is laughter in the room.  She has many facial expressions, even winces of pain ( or so it seems).  There is a nice stack of cards and letters which are read to her daily.  Please send them as you can, her new room number is 431.  Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts and support during these hard times for Barb and her family.  She (they ) will get through this, but it`s a long, slow road ahead.    Thanks  Mike

June 17, 9am:   Well this time it`s good news and bad news.  The good news is Barb is out of CCU and in a normal room (as normal as hospital rooms get).  She still isn't completely awake, but is very close so the doctors say.  They have taken her off most of the drugs hoping this will help in her wake up on her own.  Baby steps in a forward direction everyday is a good thing.

  Now the bad news.  Barbs insurance is running out.  The room she is in now is $1,000.00 per day; that`s just the room.  I`d hate to see what the CCU was plus all the other charges that are incurring during this whole ordeal.  The hospital is talking about moving her to a nursing home facility because the cost would be considerably lower.  Does anyone know the magic formula for getting started on Social Security?  They`ve (BarbsFamily) been told that it will be about a month before anything kicks in  if it does at all.  Anyone know of any care facilities around the area that she might be moved into around here?  This might be an option?  I know there isn`t a magic cure for any of this but does any one have any bright ideas?  Please let me know and I will send them to her family members.  Any and all suggestions will be passed on.    Thanks,  Mike

June 15, 10am:  Barb is getting moved from the CCU unit this afternoon; don`t have a room number yet, but I will send it out when I get it.  She had a hard day physically yesterday, sitting up in a chair, physical therapy, and a few other things.  She has been sedation medication free for 24 hrs but still has a lot in her system.  She is definitely aware of her surroundings.  I usually get updates at least once if not more per day.  I let everyone know as I know.  Continue  the thoughts and prayers.    Thanks,  Mike

June 14, 3:30pm:  I've just gotten done talking to Ed.  They have taken Barb completely off the sedation medication; she is responding to voices, even a smile or two.  They are going to get her into a  special (??) type of chair today or tomorrow; this will get her into a more normal position.  She is very close to waking up.  She does open her eyes more and more, but if she sees movement, shadows, or what she sees is anybody's guess.  The right eye is still very slow responding to light and other tests.  I`ll keep passing on all the news as I get it.  Thanks for all your support.   Mike

June 13, 7:30pm:  We were out of town for the weekend, but thanks to modern technology and cell phones, we were talking to Ed every day.  On Friday the Shunt was rermoved from Barbs head and the breathing tube was removed from her throat.  A Trach tube was inserted thru the front of her throat, just in case they needed to help with respiration or anything else. After all of this, she rested comfortably thru the nite.  Saturday Ed was talking to her about this and that and happened to bring up the Teddy Bear Ride (which Barb had a large part in).  She opened her left eye when he was talking about it.  He then showed her some of the pics that Becky and I took down last Wednesday.  As he was showing the pic's to her she smiled and nodded her head.  She still isn`t awake all the way,  but it`s definatly close.  They have removed her from all the sedation medication and are in hopes of her coming around within the next few days.  Breathing on her own, physical therapy, reduced medications; these are all very good signs.  The doctors on Sunday did a few more test and they all showed great improvement.  She is resting comfortably and getting closer as the minutes tick by.      Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and support;  she needs it all plus a little more.    Mike

June 10, 10am:  I just talked to Ed  and a few new IMPROVEMENTS on Barb.  The doctors have removed the drain tube and monitors that were placed in Barbs head to drain off the fluids around the brain.  In the accident she cut the back of her head; they have removed the staples (stitches) on that.  Another respiratory doctor has come in and has informed Ed that the lungs are just another muscle so when they take the respirator out of her throat (later today) they will have to work her lungs so they get their strength back.  Her Medication has been lowered significantly with no ill effects showing.  This is definitely good news.

June 9, 10pm:  Becky and I just returned from going to Bend, Oregon and seeing Barb and Ed.  We got there about 10:30 Tuesday nite and immediately went to the hospital to pay a short visit.  I have never seen one person hooked to so many machines in all my life.  She has monitors and wires going everywhere.  She is still very heavily sedated and is soft tied so she doesn't injure herself while moving.  She does move about even though she`s sedated. 

  Wednesday morning  back to the hospital.  They reduced her medication a little and she seemed to be in a little less pain at least that`s the way it appeared by looking at all the machines and the flashing numbers.  There is only one nurse per patient in this CCU room and is very helpful in answering questions.  Barbs blood pressure and heart rate are very good.  The doctors are thinking about taking the tubes out of her throat and doing a tracheotomy; this way her throat won't be so sore and irritated, if they need to add anything they can do it thru the trach tube.  The physical therapist was in there for awhile moving her arms and legs.  While the therapist was working with Barb, the therapist moved Barbs right leg and you could actually see a wince form on Barbs face.  There is definitely feeling.  The doctors are still very optimistic but like everyone else they want her to wake up, but she just isn`t ready to do that yet.
  Becky spent most of the day talking to Barb telling her all the happenings going on around this area.  Things Becky thought would be important to Barb.  
  Each day Barb shows improvement.  Ed gets a little better alone with her.  I asked about moving her closer to her friends and family  but according to Ed, her insurance won`t pick up the bill which would be in the thousands of dollars, and he doesn`t think any hospital would take on the liability of moving her.  Ed will be staying as long as possible.  The hospital has a free RV hookup area for people staying with their loved ones.  One of Barbs brothers has brought down his RV.  This is for the girls and there families when they come down.  Ed is still staying in a motel in the area. 
  The news is still good, just isn`t progressing as fast as everyone wants it to.  Keep Barb, Ed and the family in your thoughts and prayers.  Cards are a definate booster.  Ed reads everyone of them to her as they are delivered.  Thanks for being there for them in their time of need.         Mike

June 7, 4pm:  Just got this update from Ed Douglas.  Another CAT scan was performed today.  Fluid from around the brain is going away.  The brain is still very swollen though, but this will come down in it`s own time.  The doctors are still keeping her heavily sedated to have her in a relaxed mode as much as possible.  Every thing is going good just a little slower then they first predicted.  She is opening the left eye more and more and tracks movement.  Physical therapy has been started just to keep the muscles from shrinking and tightening up.  It`s still all good news, which is always the best news .

June 5, 10am:  They took Barb in for another CATscan this AM (Saturday June 5).  The results were not exactly what the doctors were hoping for.  Nothing bad.  There is still a lot of fluid surrounding the brain and the doctors were hoping that this fluid and most of the swelling would have been gone or reduced more than it is.  This afternoon her son Nathan was in her room and she opened her left eye and was tracking him as he moved.  A short time later a nurse was in the room and Barb again opened her eye and tracked her movement.  These eye movements aren't small; they are side to side movements according to Ed.  This is a major step in the right direction.  As you will notice all the e-mails I`ve sent you, there have always been improvements however slight.  It is always good news.  Keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  As Ed says, they are baby steps, but each step is in the forward motion.

June 3, 2pm:  Good news again!  Barb is still plugged into all the machines, but the medicine has all but stopped.  Between the doctors and the nurses, they are talking to Barb and trying to coax her into opening her eyes.  She is very close.  Not talking yet either, but I`m sure that will come too.  Continue to do what you`re doing, something is definitely helping.

June 3, 10am:  We have been informed by Ed that they are taking Barb off of the medication that is keeping her sedated.  It is hoped that she will gain consciousness within 6-8 hours afterwards, once the medication wears off.

June 2, 10pm:  Barb is definitely responding to voices and touch.  Ed has asked her basic  questions and she has raised her arms to answer him.  She acts like she knows his touch and voice.  She of course tires very easy, so he isn`t in her room for long periods of time.  Her fever is gone, the swelling of certain areas of the body is diminishing, and her complexion and color is definitely improving. The doctors are planning to reduce her medication for a longer period of time, hoping that she might come a couple steps closer to consciousness.  According to the doctors, all the numbers on all the machines she is hooked up to look very good.  Keep the thoughts and prayers coming  and add a couple for Ed and her family.


Tuesday night(June 1) they lowered Barbs medicine intake; while her medicine was lower she was moving her arms, legs and head. She was moving her arms so much they had to soft tie them so none of the IVs would be taken out.  After an unknown time (to me) they brought her medication back up so she again is resting peacefully.  Her color, complexion is very good.  Her bruises are showing up so circulation is good.  Her right eye isn`t responding as well as her left, but that right now is not a serious problem.  It might come around as the swelling reduces.  According to Ed Douglas, she is responding remarkably well and the doctors are still very pleased with all test results   Thanks for your support.  Thoughts, and prayers     Mike


To our GWTA  family:  Last night (Monday, May 31) Barb was able to breath on her own through-out the night.  She is still hooked up to a respirator, but on her own she is breathing at 22 times per minute.  If for some reason her breathing falls below 14 per minute the machine kicks in.  She is still unconscious, and is still  very heavily sedated and will be for an undetermined amount of time. Movement has been noticed when people are speaking to her.  The doctors are very optimistic about recovery.  According to Ed Douglas (Barbs Friend and significant other) it appears she is resting very comfortably.  Please include Ed in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for all the support...      Mike


      Barbara Dunn was involved in a single trike accident Sunday May 30  between Shaniko, OR. and Antelope Or.  This is a very twisty little road  at one of the last turns apparently there was some loose gravel  this put Barb into a slide as she was rounding the corner. Her and the trike went over a 10-20 foot embankment . I did not witness the accident but Becky and I were only seconds behind, according to witnesses speed WAS NOT the cause and neither was inexperience.  Barb has been unconscious since the accident. During time of ambulance transport to Madras Oregon, it was decided to call in AirLife and have her flown to St. Charles Hospital in Bend, Oregon.  Upon arrival and many test it was discovered that she has a skull fracture. No other apparent broken bones, a very bruised and scraped right shoulder. Nerve stimulation test were performed and no signs of nerve or spinal damage. As of 6:00 PM Sunday Barb was still unconscious but was responding to voices of her family and friends.  They will be keeping Barb heavily sedated for the next day or two while more test are being performed.  The doctors are very optimistic and are looking for a complete recovery.   Only time will tell.      
       Cards and Letters can be sent to St. Charles Hospital, 2500 Neff Road, Bend, OR, 97701.  Since Barb is in CCU, NO flowers or Balloons please.  All cards and letters will be read to her by her family and friends.  Please keep Barb in your thoughts and prayers.       Mike