A group photo from the GWRRA group at PBWings.com out of Laural, MS

Hi Mark,  I've been keeping up with the link you sent me,  thank you.   I'm looking forward to reading that after a "full recovery"  she has been released from the hospital.  But from the severity of her injuries that could take a while.  But the love she receives from her family and friends will surely speed up her recovery (something I've read).
We just got home from a bike trip to the Smokie mountains, my first.  It was so awesome that I hated to come back home to this flat land.  But now that I am home I am soooo tired I wish I could just sleep for about a week, lol.  We put over 1700 miles on the bike on this trip. Well, acturally my husband did,  I cheated a little.  I rode up there and back in the car with a friend on the trip.  And I am so glad I did because most of the trip back home was in heavy rain.