I Land Express
Island Wings GWTA - Chapter I - Whidbey & Camano Islands, Washington
May 2004

May's Potluck/Planning Session will be at John & Donna VanEvery's home at 95 W. Henni Road north of Oak Harbor, Saturday, May 1st, at 3:00 PM. Carl and Sam will be in the Safeway parking lot and leave for John & Donna's place around 2:45 PM. John asks that members bring veggies, deserts, or chips as everything else will be furnished, including rakes, shovels, and brush cutting equipment for the quick clean up planned around the house right after the meeting. (Please see the map to John and Donna's attached to this

Our April Planning Session at the Gale's residence was a chilling affair. Wayne and Kathy put on a great dinner but a cold wind caused much discomfort and it was elbowroom only near the warm grill. Our hosts offered to move us all into the house but we, being the tough bikers we are, decided to rough it. It was just one of those blustery Whidbey winds that seems to blow in once in a while keeping our roads fir needle green and sending our leaves to Missoula.

After the meeting came to order the members present decided to purchase a plaque to be placed on the wall of a Servicemen's Memorial now being constructed at Frank's Restaurant in Oak Harbor. The dedication of this new Memorial will be at 8:00 AM, Memorial Day, May 31, 2004. All Chapter I members have been invited by Frank to attend the dedication ceremony.

We had a good turn out for our first Breakfast Meeting at the newly remodeled CPO Club. Most of our visitors were from Chapter S and were here to talk to us about Lime Run weekend.

Our Asst. State Directors, Daylon & Patty Sweeny were present and gave us more good information on the up and coming State Gathering in Winthrop this summer. They reminded those who want to get a T-shirt, to have their pre-registration turned in by the 15th of June. You can do this online at the State website if you wish. http://www.gwta-wa.org/ They also told us about a special event being planned by the city of Winthrop for the State Gathering. It is called a Chicken Rodeo and no information on what this actually entails is available at this time. (Editor's Note. As someone who has spent an awfully lot of time in, on, around, and under horses and wore big hats and those funny boots with high heels on them, I gotta tell you I'm a little leery of something called a "Chicken Rodeo". With no other information being available, I wonder if, like in the old days before one of those rodeo events, one would best be prepared for this by many visits to the beer cooler? I also wonder if I'm supposed to bring my own chicken for roping or bulldogging.)

Reminding you again Chapter I members, concerning our "Helping Hands" run on June 20th, 2004. If you would like to volunteer for a specific job, please let Mary Ellen know ASAP. If, for some reason, you can't be available June 20th, 2004, please call Mary Ellen so she can make plans accordingly. 360-675-4694

Here is another update on the Wednesday Night Rides. We will be meeting at the Coupeville Country Store at 5:30 PM instead of 5:00. This gives the south enders a little more time to get to the Country Store.

Continuing reminder that anyone desiring the new special endorsement on his or her driver's license for the operation of a motorcycle "Trike" must get his or her license endorsed before June 30th. After June 30th there will be a fee and a course requirement to get the endorsement.

Chapter I welcomes Bob Conners from Clinton into the ranks of the Gold Wing Touring Association. We're not always this confused during our meetings Bob, most of the time it's much worse.

Chapter I's May Calendar;

01 Chapter I Potluck/Planning Session at VanEvery's at 3:00 PM 01 Chapter Z Bike Show & Shine, Sequim, WA 02 GWRRA Governor's Run, Bremerton, WA 08 Chapter G Motorcycle Awareness, Spokane, WA 09 Mother's Day 14 John Gordon's Birthday 15 Carl Prats' Birthday 15 Gary Canaan's Birthday 15 Chapter Y Fun Run 16 Chapter I Breakfast/Friendship Meeting at the CPO Club 16 Chuck King's Birthday 17 Bill Knight's Birthday 17 Janet Lautenbach's Birthday 22 Peggy Greenwood's Bithday 25 Don & Coriene DeVries' Birthday 28 Dave & Peggy Greenwood's Anniversary 28-30 GWTA Oregon State Rally, Sun Valley KOA 31 HOLIDAY - Memorial Day 31 Chapter I will attend the Dedication Ceremony at Frank's Restaurant, Oak Harbor, WA 31 Jim Horton & Lee Webb's Anniversary

Chapter Directors - Carl & Sue Prats - 360-675-3567 cprats <mailto:cprats@juno.com> @juno.com As'st Chap Directors - Ed & Lorraine Kreps - 360-675-0910 <mailto:elkreps@whidbey.net> elkreps@whidbey.net

Chapter 'I' Breakfast Meeting - 3rd Sunday Every Month - 9:30 AM - CPO Club, NAS Whidbey Is.

Written & Published by H.E. "Sam" Myers, Chapter I, News Letter Editor. samjan@whidbey.net