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Welcome To Chapter "P"


 The Gold Wing Touring Association

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Another Chapter P member down... Ed Douglas has heart attack Tuesday afternoon 7/27/2012)...  CPR Course scheduled... see News & Info Page


Barb's Benefit Ride (Aug 7) Flyer

Ed Douglas has heart attack... in Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle,       Rm 776

Barb on Memorial Weekend Ride >>>

(Barb's Status NEW July 27)  Click 'Barb's Status' for addresses to send Cards and Letters.  All images and cards will be read to her by her family and friends.

John Hunt in Accident 7/22/04; Released from Hospital 7/24


The 2004 Teddy Bear Tour... always a success for the children who need comfort given in time of need.  It was great to hear about the couple who brought in 201 bears, and the 9 yr old girl who selected some of her own bears to include.  We really thank those who came out and participated despite the threat of weather.  Webmaster



July ride to support our troops

Sept Reno Ride Particulars

GWTA Wa State Gathering

 2004 Region A Rally

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Welcome to Poverty Bay!  We hope you will take a few minutes to see what the Poverty Bay Wings and the Gold Wing Touring Association have to offer you.  Our Web page is constantly changing, so, please check back often to see what's new.  And as always, if you have comments or suggestions please email our Webmaster .

Poverty Bay Wings is based in Puyallup, Washington.  Our chapter colors are Purple and Silver.

We hold our Monthly meeting's on the 4th Sunday of Month.  And we hold a weekly social just about every Thursday of the month.

Look for us on the road, we run CB channel 40.



A Newsletter from Your GWTA Operations Staff


This periodic newsletter is to keep our officer network informed of issues of importance within GWTA. Our chapter directors are the first and most important communication link to our members. This newsletter will give all officers and their staff needed information in a timely manner, so they can answer member questions and perform their duties efficiently. Our goal is that this newsletter be forwarded through our chain of communication to the chapter within 72 hours. Thanks for doing your part to help us reach this goal.


TO ALL GWTA OFFICERS: Please pass this on to the membership as soon as possible.

The first deadline for Gold Rush Registrations is coming up on March 1,2004. Registrations after that date will go up from $35 to $45 per person for the four day event. When planning a party, it's always nice to have some idea of how many people are coming. To encourage early registrations we offer a reduced fee, so encourage the membership to take advantage of the reduction.

Be sure to also pass along, that we have attractive room rates in Baraboo, Wisconsin for Gold Rush but they will be going up soon also. Remind members to get their lodging reservation locked in now, even if they're not sure if they can attend. Members must mention GWTA to get the reduced rates.

Please print and distribute Gold Rush registration forms to our members and encourage them to attend. The form can be found in the Document Library http://gwta.org/doc_library/list.htm on the GWTA Web http://gwta.org site. We're planning a great time for them at the rally and there's also plenty of fun to be had getting to Baraboo and going home.



We would like to thank our members and officers for all their hard work on the Valentines Day recruiting drive. We've heard from some members who had a great time with their drives. It's easy to sell something we believe in. We would like to encourage everyone to continue the recruiting drives, especially now through spring when motorcyclists are getting excited about riding again. We can always use a few more family members to share the fun with. Click here http://www.gwta.org/recruiting.htm for more.


This E-newsletter is very time sensitive, so please forward it on as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Yours in Friendship

Bruce Keenon, GWTA Executive Director